About Us


About us

We are an exciting and creative center for kids of all ages up to 12. This brightly colored zone, with huge play area, gives the kids a chance to slide, learn, and throw themselves into.

Birthdays are special for our most valued possession – The kids!

Will there be a better way to celebrate their exuberant day than at an exciting party venue?

We have beautifully curated an excellent venue, incorporating a 2-floor play area, well designed dinning zone, amazing cakes as well as desserts to be delivered and exciting food to choose from.

Our team focuses on delivering the best party experience from start to finish.

We make sure that the children enjoy, and we work to capture their imagination and hearts.

We offer more than just a set of activities — we deliver a feel with high energy and mutual interaction.

We hold well decorated themed parties with designer cakes.






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